Amber 30lb.

Edge Bander Adhesives for Woodworking

Color: Amber

AMB 101

Tooltech’s hot-melt adhesives are solid pellets that become fluid at application temperature and cool and harden within minutes, providing superior bond and coverage. These high-performance, rapid-melt glue pellets are ideal for woodworking adhesive solutions that can be used with our edge-banding technology.

  • Exceptional Bonding
  • Low-Stringing Formula
  • Superior StrengthMedium-High Temperature
  • Application Point: 180°C/356°F
  • Solid at ambient temperature; liquid at application temperature.
  • Withstands very high temperatures for days without delamination.
  • Most widely used for edge banding.
  • Excellent adhesion with PVC, HLP, solid wood, melamine, wood veneer, and many other materials to MDF and particleboard.
  • No SARA Hazards: Section 311/312 (Emergency and Hazardous Material Reporting/MSDS)

Colors: Amber (AMB 101) & Natural (NAP 202)

Amber 30 LB